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Disability Awareness

Online training that aims to build your awareness and increase your understanding around disability

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Female using sign language

Disability Awareness

This program focuses on promoting an awareness of disability within workplaces, education and communities.

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Male student talking with female student sitting on powered wheelchair at university campus

UDL in Tertiary Education

This program focuses on the principles and practices of Universal Design for Learning in tertiary settings.

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Blind person working on computer with braille display and screen
Supporting Blind and Vision Impaired Students Online

This program focuses on the principles and practices that support students who are blind or vision impaired online.
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Teacher talking to a group of students
Secondary Education

This program supports secondary school staff in providing quality advice to students with disability who aim to engage in VET and higher education pathways.

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Disabled young man with an artificial leg is working at the furniture factory

VET Sector (Staff and Educators)

These programs are specific to VET Educators and Staff and focus on supporting students within the VET Sector.

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Male student talking with female student sitting on powered wheelchair at university campus

External Support Workers

This program focuses on orientation to the roles and responsibilities of external support workers who provide support to students with disability in tertiary settings.

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Disability Awareness training for your business

Improve disability awareness in your workplace. Our Introduction to Disability Awareness eLearning content files for your organisation’s Learning Management System are now available for purchase!

Orientation for your support workers who work in tertiary settings

We now have the Disability Awareness – Orientation for External Support Workers in Tertiary Settings Program SCORM files available to download, free of charge, for your organisations Learning Management System.

Are you a Vocational Education Training provider/RTO?

We now have both Disability Awareness – Supporting Students in VET Program SCORM files available to download, free of charge, for your organisations Learning Management System!

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What they say

“Found this great and should be provided to all staff as relevant for understanding disability in education and the community at large.” 

(Supporting Students with Disability in VET)

“I wouldn’t change a thing, this training was provided in the best way you could possibly imagine even in today’s pandemic. This training provided me with so knowledge and clarification to be able to perform my future role with the utmost respect and confidence. I would recommend this training.”

(Introduction to Disability Awareness)

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