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Disability Awareness

Introduction to Disability Awareness focuses on promoting an awareness of disability and the impact that societal attitudes and inherent stigma and discrimination have on the lives of people with disability.

Who should do this course?
This course is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of disability inclusion including:

  • Employers who wish to improve diversity and inclusion awareness
  • Education providers such as schools, and vocational and higher education providers
  • Organisations who support people with disability
  • Employers who wish to recruit more people with disability
  • People with a disability who want to understand their rights

This course is free for individuals to undertake online. We have had over 19,000 people around Australia complete the Introduction to Disability Awareness course.

Disability Awareness Courses

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Introduction to Disability Awareness

This training seeks to challenge the ingrained cultural and attitudinal barriers that perpetuate discrimination and provides participants with a general overview of the legislative framework which supports the inclusion of people with disability in Australia.

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