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Blind person working on computer with braille display and screen

Supporting Blind and Vision Impaired Students Online

Increasingly there are demands on educators to integrate technology into tertiary education and training to support the development of 21st-century competencies, however the technology must be both accessible and inclusive to create equitable learning experiences. Learners, educators and other professional staff who are blind or vision impaired and studying or working in the tertiary sector in Australia often experience a range of barriers, particularly when the learning is provided online.

Overview of Program

This e-Learning program is designed for educational staff working in the tertiary sector (Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training). It focuses on a range of practical solutions and strategies to address access barriers experienced by learners who are blind or vision impaired studying in tertiary education in Australia. It aims to increase your understanding of  developing and facilitating  teaching practice.

There are 5 modules in this program. We strongly advise you to undertake the modules in successive order to optimise your understanding of accessible and inclusive online practice.

You can work through the program at your own pace and do not need to complete it in one sitting. You can log out and log back in at any time. You should be able to complete all 5 modules in approximately 90-120 minutes. A short quiz after each module is a good checkpoint for your understanding. A certificate of achievement is awarded upon successful completion of all 5 modules.​